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Bluegrass music.

Bluegrass music is typically American type of music. In fact bluegrass music had its roots in traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and England as well. Immigrants from Europe brought over their traditional music that eventually was mixed with jazz and blues. Many of those immigrants moved to Appalachian area. So bluegrass music comes from mountainous area of the Appalachian chain and it is in some kind of country music. Bluegrass music is firmly associated with countryside and farms. Mainly it was developed in the Blue Ridges during the 1940s. So it is fairly new type of American music.

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The Japanese Engraving Ukiyo-e

The distinctive character of Japan is the main feature of the ukiyo-e art. Ukiyo-e is the Japanese art of engraving. Having no analogues among the other cultures of the East the art of ukiyo-e has become the basis for the art development. Many western artists have been influenced by this fine art as well. Vincent van Gogh is the author of the series of paintings that are evidently influenced by ukiyo-e.

Ukiyo-e had been originated from the depth of the urban culture and managed to undergo the numerous alternations and reforms during the two centuries of the Edo epoch. The founder of the Japanese art or engraving is considered to be Hisikawa Moronobu. He was the first artist who created not only the illustrations for books but also the easel art works. His careful attitude towards the process of creating a picture is worth admiring. He used to sign his paintings and gravings and value them as the real items of art. His unique style later acquired by his successors has defined the whole style of the ukiyo-e engraving. The main two genres formed within this framework are called “bidzinga” and “yakusya-e”.

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What do models eat?

Many women are dreaming to look like models. Many of them go in for sports, some prefer strict diets. Well, it could be pretty difficult to be skinny and do not have any health problems at the same time. To keep a diet is not a way out. Anyway you may try. Let’s see what models prefer to eat to keep fit.

It is recommended to drink as much water as possible. You’d better avoid drinking sparkling water. They say that sparkling water may cause cellulite. That’s why still water would be fine. A glass of still water before breakfast would be a good start. Some models advise to drink water with lemon juice. It is believed that lemon juice helps to burn extra calories. Hopefully it is obvious that soda pops must be excluded. Anyway many models are okay with it.

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