What do models eat?

Many women are dreaming to look like models. Many of them go in for sports, some prefer strict diets. Well, it could be pretty difficult to be skinny and do not have any health problems at the same time. To keep a diet is not a way out. Anyway you may try. Let’s see what models prefer to eat to keep fit.

It is recommended to drink as much water as possible. You’d better avoid drinking sparkling water. They say that sparkling water may cause cellulite. That’s why still water would be fine. A glass of still water before breakfast would be a good start. Some models advise to drink water with lemon juice. It is believed that lemon juice helps to burn extra calories. Hopefully it is obvious that soda pops must be excluded. Anyway many models are okay with it.

Models advise to have for breakfast protein-rich foods. Have at least 4 or even 5 meals a day. Small portion of course. Sweets and candies are forbidden. Instead of it eat fruits and vegetables. If you feel really hungry eat apples. Many models prefer this fruit to many others. Forget about bananas, grapes and mangoes. These fruits are high in calories. For the desert make a fruit salad.

Your diet must be balanced. It is a rule. Do not starve yourself. Some are sure that models eat nothing. Well, it is pure nonsense. Take a menu of Alessandra Ambrosio. She says that she eats absolutely everything she wants but in small portions. Thus Ambrosio as the rule has for the breakfast eggs with bacon, an English muffin, and coffee. For the lunch she has salad, soup and rolls. She also prefers fish, cheese, caviar, ravioli, meat, rice and even chocolate. She drinks sodas even. You see?

The rule you should follow states that you have to watch the calories and do not overeat. It is better to have 4 meals (small portions of course) a day than 2 huge meals. The less the better, but more frequently. You do not have to starve yourself. You should remember that it concerns some health issues as well. So do not harm your health refusing to eat at all.

If it is an actual problem for you to refuse sweets than you may eat them only early in the morning. You should also remember that it is strongly recommended to eat slowly and do not hurry. Never choke down.

And of course you should work out. Especially if you treat yourself with sodas or candies. Many models prefer to run or get to the gym.

Keep everything balanced. Some girls as well as models go crazy keeping diets. Ana Carolina Reston, a Brazilian model died at the age of 21. She kept a diet of apples and tomatoes only. Luisel Ramos was another diet victim. Her diet included exceptionally lettuce and diet Coke. Ramos suffered from anorexia nervosa. She died at the age of 22 during the fashion show. Her younger sister Eliana Ramos died in a year at the age of 18. She was also a fashion model. It is believed that her death was caused by malnutrition.

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One thought on “What do models eat?

  1. michelle says:

    Exactly what every model and citizen needs to know.

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