Bluegrass music.

Bluegrass music is typically American type of music. In fact bluegrass music had its roots in traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and England as well. Immigrants from Europe brought over their traditional music that eventually was mixed with jazz and blues. Many of those immigrants moved to Appalachian area. So bluegrass music comes from mountainous area of the Appalachian chain and it is in some kind of country music. Bluegrass music is firmly associated with countryside and farms. Mainly it was developed in the Blue Ridges during the 1940s. So it is fairly new type of American music.

Bluegrass musicians do not play all together. It is the main difference existing between bluegrass and traditional music. For example, first the fiddle would play the melody, then the banjo goes and finally the mandolin closes the circle. The rest musicians perform accompaniment. Bluegrass is exceptionally acoustical music. Guitar and bass are also typical instruments of bluegrass.

Bill Monroe is supposed to be a father of the bluegrass music. “You know, I never wrote a tune in my life. All that music’s in the air around you all the time. I was just the first one to reach up and pull it out”, said Monroe. As the matter of fact the name of the bluegrass music derived from the name of his band “Blue Grass Boys”.

Musicians of bluegrass prefer fiddle to violin. As the rule they customize violins to their special needs. As the rule they need to get twang sound by flattening the bridge of a violin. The usual themes of bluegrass music are stories about people of rural areas of the Appalachian chain. The Appalachian Mountains are associated with poor and rural territories of the United States.

Despite the fact the bluegrass music is typically American type of music it became popular worldwide.

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