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Biography of Vincent Van Gogh

The famous museum of Vincent Van Gogh has gained its overwhelming popularity since its opening in 1973. During the recent years millions of tourists from all over the world have visited the museum. The exhibited drawings, paintings and photos make it possible to trace the stages of forming the talent of the great artist. In addition to that there are more than 700 letters stored in the museum. These letters were written by Van Gogh to his brother Theo. The development of this collection has a long and complicated history.

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Tips to Avoid Hysteria

It is a fact that the women’s nervous system is less stable to the stress of everyday life than the nervous system of men. However, it is not the justification of your right to be hysterical and red-eyed screaming monster. Besides, behaving on the edge of your mind will not make the others want to listen to your arguments. So, it is better to calm down and turn into a normal person again even if inside you the emotional hurricane is roaring. Here are some tips which help you to avoid hysteria.

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The Images Which Do Not Attract Men

Women are bound to be beautiful creatures which have descended on earth from some higher levels of ether. However, sometimes the women overdo a little in issues concerning their appearance and the men tend to run away rather than approach these girls. There are some images you should avoid if you do not want to enjoy loneliness.

First of all, avoid playing a “serious woman” with deep inner world. Of course, your personal qualities are important but it is not necessary to claim that the appearance matters nothing and only shallow men will be attracted by minis and heavy make up. The fact that you have read Kafka in the original language do not give you the right to forget that you are a woman and be beautiful is one of your priorities. Besides, it is the first impression that counts, so it is normal that people judge you by your appearance first and only if they like it they will take the chance to know that you are Kafka expert.

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7 signs he will make a good husband

Sometimes love isn’t enough to build a family. There should be something else, an understanding, a compatibility if you will.

Here are the signs that can help you understand if your man is going to be a good husband:

1.He respects women, not only you and his mom. He doesn’t speak ill of his female co-workers or exes. Otherwise there is a big chance he is going to say bad things behind your back if you break up, you don’t what to trust a person like this.

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The Relationships in the Golden Years

If the one considers that the fiery passion and sweet tenderness is not typical of the relationships of the senior citizens he may be in a fallacy. Many of the elderly have the affectionate and caring relationships with their younger partners. This gives them the powerful impulse for living and pushes the senility with the problems of health and depression back. Their beloved can be 15 or 20 years younger of of the same age. The young people are often happy to find an older friend who provides the emotional support and advice.

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Food for Your Mood

Food helps us to cope with problems and cheers us up in difficult situations. However, eating chocolate every time you want to overcome stress is not useful fore your health. By using some harmless products as an alternative to fast food you will be able to control your mood with what you eat.

If you want to impress your boss on business meeting you should eat salad with salmon. Salmon is rich with omega-3 acids which improves your memory and makes your brain work more efficiently. To increase this positive effect you can add walnuts and spinach which decreases the stress level.

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