Food for Your Mood

Food helps us to cope with problems and cheers us up in difficult situations. However, eating chocolate every time you want to overcome stress is not useful fore your health. By using some harmless products as an alternative to fast food you will be able to control your mood with what you eat.

If you want to impress your boss on business meeting you should eat salad with salmon. Salmon is rich with omega-3 acids which improves your memory and makes your brain work more efficiently. To increase this positive effect you can add walnuts and spinach which decreases the stress level.

If you want to make your sexual life brighter it is not necessary to eat endless bars of dark chocolate as it is not the only aphrodisiac in the world. Melon, for instance, produces practically the same effect on your sexual appetite. It contains arginine which helps your vessels to relax and makes your blood move to the right places.

If you are among those who have only a vague idea of what “good morning” actually means you should begin your day with a plate of cereal or a cake made of the whole flour. Complex carbons increase the level of serotonin which is the necessary component of our good mood. So, if you are not the sweetest person in the morning you should review the menu of your breakfast.

If you are a sports-goer and want to achieve remarkable results in fitness you should eat a pinch of almond (not fried, of course) to set new sports records. This nut is rich with useful minerals, fats and antioxidants which will give you energy.

Food can influence also the sphere of our personal relationships. If you want to live peacefully and happily with your partner you should include avocado and tomatoes in your daily ration. When you will want to begin a quarrel for any imaginary reason, eat some pieces of these products. May be it is the lack of vitamin B which make you angry and irritated and avocado and tomatoes will provide you with it in abundance.

On Friday, when the working week is nearly over and you need to restore energy for weekend parties, the soybeans will help you to perform this task. They contain a great number of proteins which are needed for the peppiness of spirit. Besides, soybeans contain iron, the lack of which can be the reason of your tiredness. Another pleasant bonus of this product is that it provides you with molybdenum, which helps to concentrate and finish all work fast.

Coffee is not the only means to make you wake up. Turkey, if it is not eaten in great amounts, will help you to defeat your tiredness as well. This meat contains amino acids which increase the level of dopamine, and dopamine, as you know, is responsible for your concentration and vigor.

Finally, if you need to watch and remember something, blackberry will come to help. It improves your memory as well as your eyesight.

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