7 signs he will make a good husband

Sometimes love isn’t enough to build a family. There should be something else, an understanding, a compatibility if you will.

Here are the signs that can help you understand if your man is going to be a good husband:

1.He respects women, not only you and his mom. He doesn’t speak ill of his female co-workers or exes. Otherwise there is a big chance he is going to say bad things behind your back if you break up, you don’t what to trust a person like this.

2.A good husband will never make you feel guilty for his failures. Some men are impossible to please: they don’t like the way you cook, they don’t like the way you talk, they don’t like the way you make love. It just means they are the problem.

3.The way he treats your parents. He doesn’t have to love them, but he has to respect them. They are the reason you are the way you are, and if he loves you, he should respect them.

4.Living with a cheap man is sad. Pay attention to how much he tips, how often he makes you little gifts. And think what it would be like to live with such man.

5.He respects your opinion. “I am a man and I am right” – you are lucky if your man doesn’t think so. See if he listens to your opinion and can admit he is wrong.

6.Help. It is a very important thing. He may not have money for a dinner at a fancy restaurant, but he should have time and will to help you to move to a new apartment (for example), and it’s good if he can notice you need his help.

7.Living together. See if he does work around the house sometime, if he doesn’t, find out why: he doesn’t what to, or doesn’t know how.

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