The Images Which Do Not Attract Men

Women are bound to be beautiful creatures which have descended on earth from some higher levels of ether. However, sometimes the women overdo a little in issues concerning their appearance and the men tend to run away rather than approach these girls. There are some images you should avoid if you do not want to enjoy loneliness.

First of all, avoid playing a “serious woman” with deep inner world. Of course, your personal qualities are important but it is not necessary to claim that the appearance matters nothing and only shallow men will be attracted by minis and heavy make up. The fact that you have read Kafka in the original language do not give you the right to forget that you are a woman and be beautiful is one of your priorities. Besides, it is the first impression that counts, so it is normal that people judge you by your appearance first and only if they like it they will take the chance to know that you are Kafka expert.

Another type of women the men will try to avoid are those with low self esteem. If you are not sure of your sexual potential, the others will not notice it as well. Besides, these women try to be invisible, so it is high chance that they will be left unnoticed in their corner with Kafka or whatever they like. Do not get me wrong, Kafka is great, but he is not the man who will bring you coffee in bed. So, start to love yourself and the others will fall in love with you as well.

Finally, there is a male type of women you should not look like. They are aggressive, rude; they drink and smoke like men do. These women are usually successful business ladies who just forgot how to be mild and feminine. Change your style, refuse from unhealthy habits, do not be afraid to ask for help sometimes and men will discover with surprise that you are a nice girl after all.

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