Tips to Avoid Hysteria

It is a fact that the women’s nervous system is less stable to the stress of everyday life than the nervous system of men. However, it is not the justification of your right to be hysterical and red-eyed screaming monster. Besides, behaving on the edge of your mind will not make the others want to listen to your arguments. So, it is better to calm down and turn into a normal person again even if inside you the emotional hurricane is roaring. Here are some tips which help you to avoid hysteria.

The first step you should take is to learn how to control your body and emotions. Meditation is the best way to perform this task. Breathing techniques help to suppress hysteria and survive the first most difficult moments.

Some products also help to make your emotional state more stable. One of these products is honey. Eat one teaspoon of honey every day and you will feel that your outbursts become rarer. Juice made of lettuce leaves and gooseberries is also useful for those women who tend to be hysterical.

Of course, the healthy life style will add much to your ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Proper diet, sound sleep and the refuse from unhealthy habits is what you need to keep your feelings balanced. Try to drink less coffee as it does not allow your nervous system to relax.

Try the “mirror” effect. Think of how you look like with this crazy glitter in your eyes, messy hair and shaking hands. Are you scared by this image? If so, calm down and behave normally.

Before letting your emotions out of control think whether the problem is really worth the overloading of your nervous system. Note, that being calm will make you a master of any stressful situation.

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