Biography of Vincent Van Gogh

The famous museum of Vincent Van Gogh has gained its overwhelming popularity since its opening in 1973. During the recent years millions of tourists from all over the world have visited the museum. The exhibited drawings, paintings and photos make it possible to trace the stages of forming the talent of the great artist. In addition to that there are more than 700 letters stored in the museum. These letters were written by Van Gogh to his brother Theo. The development of this collection has a long and complicated history.

Vincent Van Gogh was born on the 30th of March in 1853 in Holland. He was born to a family of the pastor of the Dutch Protestants church. Van Gogh tried many occupations during his life. He was employed by the company that was selling art objects. He also worked as a teacher, a pastor and finally an artist. The great Dutch artist traveled a lot. One of the first cities visited by Van Gogh was London, where he went on a business trip. He was mesmerized by Britain. While his stay in London he visited endless number of museums and art exhibitions. He liked the gravings of the English masters which inspired him and had much influence on his further creations. Two years later he returned to Holland and decided to stay there. Here he became the priest and receives a curacy that mainly consisted of the families of charcoal burners. Vincent Van Gogh grew attached to these people as he understood their difficult living and hard work. Being their spiritual master he did his best to ease their life. Vincent started to give the most part of his food and clothes to these people. These actions were disapproved by the church and Vincent Van Gogh was fired. However he stayed in this village and continued helping charcoal burners though he was living in awful poverty himself.

Having spent a whole year in terrifying poverty Vincent Van Goght sets for Brussels to start studying painting. His brother Theo supported him financially. Vincent and Theo were always close when they were children. They managed to retain these warm relationships when they grew up. The letters connecting their minds and souls were sent regularly. Vincent Van Gogh met his love Clasina Maria Hoornik in the Hague. Later this woman known as Sien moved to his flat. The letters to Theo show that Vincent Van Gogh was treating her with respect and tenderness. Sien and her children posed for numerous graphic works of Van Gogh.

However their happiness came to an end in a year and a half. Art was the only love of Vincent Van Gogh in fact. Suffering from loneliness Van Gogh moved to Paris where he got acquainted with impressionism. There he started taking interest to the Japanese art. The Japanese art would be traced in his art works during all his life.

The last months of Van Gogh’s life were rather sad. He was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy. The mental state of the great artists grew worse and he committed a suicide having shot himself with a pistol.

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