Madame Tussauds – the Art of Copy

Sometimes the artists create something completely new finding inspiration in their imagination. However, the talent of reproducing the existing object with great preciseness is also a form of art which associates, first of all, with the name of Marie Tussaund who has later become known as Madame Tussaunds.

Marie Tussaund was born in 1761 and moved in Paris together with her family when she was two. Her step-father worked in the sphere of anatomy and made wax busts. Little Marie observed his work not knowing that it will become the passion of her life.

The first project of Marie became the great Walter who has died three months after his posing for a wax mask made from his face. It has attracted a lot of new clients to their workshop and Marie started learning the art of wax modeling.

During the Great French Revolution she was arrested but her talent has saved her – Marie was offered to make the masks from the faces of executed Marie-Antoinette and Ludovic XVI. The young woman started to collaborate with revolutionists and made masks of her killed friends – it was the awful price for staying alive. Marie has created the masks of Robespierre, Danto and even Marat – she was invited to his apartment when his dead body was still lying in the bath. Marie worked and at the same time tried to remember the face of his murderess, Charlotte Corday. It was that moment when Marie came up with an idea to create compositions instead of separate exhibits. It was the first step to creation of the museum which has brought her the world wide fame.

Marie has married and received the surname Tussaunds. She made the sculptures of famous English politicians and traveled with her collection all over the Britain. With time it became extremely prestigious to be the part of this collection and the most famous people of the epoch have received this honor. Among them was Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, Admiral Nelson.

The works of Marie Tussaunds were integral part of her life. Even after her death in 1850 she did not parted with her sculptures. Her descendants made the sculpture of Madame Tussaunds who makes the mask of the head of Antoinette and this group is still the part of exhibition.

Nowadays the copies of the most decent celebrities are exhibited in the Museum of Madame Tussaunds. There was only one person who refused from her copy being created and exhibited – Mother Teresa.

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