Alberto Garcia-Alix.

Alberto Garcia-Alix is a famous Spanish photographer known for his ultimate images of reality. He has been taking pictures professionally since 1976. Garcia-Alix applies to photography to reveal his feelings and emotions, to reveal reality that surrounds him. Some of the most famous portraits taken by Garcia-Alix belong to his acquaintances who died. “His visual speech is composed in accordance with the maps that his life's itinerary has sketched out, maps onto which the photographer sketches his mysterious, emotional and compelling artistic cartography”.

Nominally all of his works could be divided in three periods. The first one could be described as romantic period. His works are full of romantic motifs. The second one combines violence with tendernes. During this period of time Garcia-Alix gained his recognition. And finally the third one includes mainly portraits of nude models. They are much inartificial and honest. “Alberto Garcia-Alix's photographs are also condensed stories, silent but eloquent stories. These are images imbued with a lyricism and stripped of artifice, poetry that always finds a place to settle within the framework […] Direct poetry that explodes before our eyes with the radiance of a whiplash”.

The series The Closest I Came To Paradise includes photographs taken by Garcia-Alix during his visits of the Balearic Islands. In his project he represents another type of reality. People are honest and sometimes strange. They are outrageous and simple. “[…] a mystery that takes us to another island, which Garcia-Alix constructs with his images of children with the gaze of adults, adults transformed into architecture, architecture as portraits. All located in a nature that turns wild through his vision”.

The Place of No Return confronts Garcia-Alix's present and past. The project in general has biographical context. “A trip to memory, an “endless monologue” through which his most intimate and poetic side brings us closer to him”. The project includes an audiovisual piece revealing his thoughts on the past, present and photography. “The author, through his own voice, reflects from a subjective present on his past and that of photography”.

Probably the most impressive and interesting series by Garcia-Alix is Do Not Follow Me… I'm Lost. This one includes pictures that had been taken from 1976 until 1986. It reflects Garcia-Alix's life of the time, his surrounding, the events he participated in. In 1986 he became famous and preferred midsize format. Some of the images are provocative, some look innocent. But in general the project is about those times, about his youth.

Quico Rivas

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