Traditional Upbringing of Girls in Japan

The upbringing of the girls in Japan is based on the constant prohibitions, endless humiliation and supression of the individuality. They are told that there is nothing pleasant in the life and love and relationships don’t bring any happiness but take away their beauty and youth. Their debt is to sacrifice their lives to the happiness of their husbands and children.

The Japanese women have only the duties and one of the most important duty is to be perfect. They are to have only a couple of bites if they are hungry and to have a small gulp of water if they are thirsty. They avoid exercise to prevent sweating as it is the sign of the plebeian origin.

Every time the little Japanese girl doesn’t like any thing she hears the astonishing phrase: “If you are not satisfied you have a way out. You have the right to commit a suicide.” Though these words seem to be horrifying for us the act of committing a suicide is considered to be honorable. And if a young girl decides to cut her life off her relatives will be proud of her and she will take the best place in the family tomb.

But the things are not so bad as it may seem. The age between 18 and 25 is the period of freedom and opening perspectives. During these years the Japanese girls try to build their careers and to save up some money for the personal needs. There are almost no successful businesswomen who are famous all over the world in Japan as the publicity of women is disapproved by the society.

But if a girl turns 25 and appears to have no family she is to change her outfits for a black gown, wear white tights and cut her gorgeous long hair off to look respectful.

This life may seen to be frightening to you but the Japanese women don’t consider themselves to be the victims of traditional culture. Moreover they are happy to lead this type of life as their grandmothers and great-grandmothers did. The most part of women in Japan is accustomed to these rules but there are the cases of feminine rebels.

The single daughter of the Emperor Princess Sayako married the local government officer at the age of 36. After the wedding ceremony Sayako has lost her title and heritage and moved to the USA. To be honest all the Japanese women shed tears as they felt pity for her.

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