Women and Friendship

Have you ever thought whether friendship between women really exists? And if it exists, does it have the limits?

It all depends on what we mean by the term “friendship”. Are these common parties, telephone talks, common shopping? Or we put a deeper meaning in it: empathy, ability to help in any situation, ability to rejoice at the victories and successes of your friend and be genuinely upset by failures and troubles?

Sooner or later destiny checks the strength of friendship. It can happen that two thick as thieves girls start following different roads of life. What if one of female friends got the promotion at work, has an amazing man, earns much money, buys luxury clothes and travels abroad, while her best friend can’t afford it? Will their relationship change? Will a poorer girl envy her friend or will she sincerely rejoice? It is difficult to predict. Although, every girl is not indifferent to money, beautiful things, opportunities to travel and to attend cool events. Of course, if this shining world is open for one of the friends, it will be open for the second girl too. But she won’t be able to be a full-fledged member of a new society, as she won’t have an opportunity to spend as much money as the others do. It’s good if a richer woman helps her friend ( lend her money or dresses). But it can also happen that a poorer friend will feel uncomfortable. Out of it. May be jealous.

Different lifestyles can also lead to loss of common interests. A married woman will think her friend is too light-minded, while a free girl will consider her married friend to be too serious about such things as cooking or washing or ironing, which aren’t that important for a free lady. Usually a free woman, her married friend with her husband are very close. And we know many cases when a best friend leads a spouse away from the family. And this is the end of friendship.

In other words, female friends should be on the same level of their being. They both should be married or free, both should have similar jobs and level of income. There shouldn’t be any great difference between their lifestyles.

That’s why it’s so hard to support friendship for women who’ve been knowing each other since their childhood. One can talk about the hail-fellow-well-met relations between women, but nothing else.

But of course there are rare exceptions. And it’s good you are among them!

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One thought on “Women and Friendship

  1. Loraine Branan says:

    Yes there are many things that “check” friendships. Those slap in the face moments when you might realize that this may not last. I think though that there is something to be said for evolution in friendships, that they can change seperately and still maintain. There are rare exceptions as you say, and those are the ones we need to cultivate. I have been reading Women I Want to Grow Old With, and it has really been a true blessing in this area of my life. I say to anyone who is having some struggle in friendships to get a hold of this book. womeniwanttogrowoldwith.com. It made differences in several of my relationships, and those are very special things to hold onto!

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