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Saffron: History of Usage

As it was hundreds of years ago the blossom of the Kashmirian crocus are being collected by hand. The snouts of this flower which are reminding the customary cowslips in the western gardens are the raw material for producing the world's most expensive spice called saffron. Unlike the crocuses in the northern regions the saffron crocus breaks out blossoming in autumn. Each flower has only three snouts that should be removed carefully and dried. These snouts are to be harvested only on the first day of blossoming. If one imagines the whole process it will become clear why is saffron that expensive.

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Food for Your Mood

Food helps us to cope with problems and cheers us up in difficult situations. However, eating chocolate every time you want to overcome stress is not useful fore your health. By using some harmless products as an alternative to fast food you will be able to control your mood with what you eat.

If you want to impress your boss on business meeting you should eat salad with salmon. Salmon is rich with omega-3 acids which improves your memory and makes your brain work more efficiently. To increase this positive effect you can add walnuts and spinach which decreases the stress level.

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