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Women and Friendship

Have you ever thought whether friendship between women really exists? And if it exists, does it have the limits?

It all depends on what we mean by the term “friendship”. Are these common parties, telephone talks, common shopping? Or we put a deeper meaning in it: empathy, ability to help in any situation, ability to rejoice at the victories and successes of your friend and be genuinely upset by failures and troubles?

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Traditional Upbringing of Girls in Japan

The upbringing of the girls in Japan is based on the constant prohibitions, endless humiliation and supression of the individuality. They are told that there is nothing pleasant in the life and love and relationships don’t bring any happiness but take away their beauty and youth. Their debt is to sacrifice their lives to the happiness of their husbands and children.

The Japanese women have only the duties and one of the most important duty is to be perfect. They are to have only a couple of bites if they are hungry and to have a small gulp of water if they are thirsty. They avoid exercise to prevent sweating as it is the sign of the plebeian origin.

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Tips to Improve Your Hairdo

Everyone would probably agree that the most famous hairstyle decoration of 2011 is the wedding crown of Kate Middleton. Its price exceeds 10 million USD. The Queen Elizabeth allowed Kate to choose one of the 80 splendid crowns belonging to the Royal family. Kate Middleton liked the diamond tiara which was presented to the Queen Elizabeth by her father most of all. To make this tiara match the hairstyle of Kate six hairdressers were doing their best. So if you haven’t any diamond tiara yet it’s sensible to use the staff you can find on your dressing table. On the special occasions you may decorate your hair with ribbons, feathers, or precious stones.

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Tips to Avoid Hysteria

It is a fact that the women’s nervous system is less stable to the stress of everyday life than the nervous system of men. However, it is not the justification of your right to be hysterical and red-eyed screaming monster. Besides, behaving on the edge of your mind will not make the others want to listen to your arguments. So, it is better to calm down and turn into a normal person again even if inside you the emotional hurricane is roaring. Here are some tips which help you to avoid hysteria.

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The Images Which Do Not Attract Men

Women are bound to be beautiful creatures which have descended on earth from some higher levels of ether. However, sometimes the women overdo a little in issues concerning their appearance and the men tend to run away rather than approach these girls. There are some images you should avoid if you do not want to enjoy loneliness.

First of all, avoid playing a “serious woman” with deep inner world. Of course, your personal qualities are important but it is not necessary to claim that the appearance matters nothing and only shallow men will be attracted by minis and heavy make up. The fact that you have read Kafka in the original language do not give you the right to forget that you are a woman and be beautiful is one of your priorities. Besides, it is the first impression that counts, so it is normal that people judge you by your appearance first and only if they like it they will take the chance to know that you are Kafka expert.

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