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Food for Your Mood

Food helps us to cope with problems and cheers us up in difficult situations. However, eating chocolate every time you want to overcome stress is not useful fore your health. By using some harmless products as an alternative to fast food you will be able to control your mood with what you eat.

If you want to impress your boss on business meeting you should eat salad with salmon. Salmon is rich with omega-3 acids which improves your memory and makes your brain work more efficiently. To increase this positive effect you can add walnuts and spinach which decreases the stress level.

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What do models eat?

Many women are dreaming to look like models. Many of them go in for sports, some prefer strict diets. Well, it could be pretty difficult to be skinny and do not have any health problems at the same time. To keep a diet is not a way out. Anyway you may try. Let’s see what models prefer to eat to keep fit.

It is recommended to drink as much water as possible. You’d better avoid drinking sparkling water. They say that sparkling water may cause cellulite. That’s why still water would be fine. A glass of still water before breakfast would be a good start. Some models advise to drink water with lemon juice. It is believed that lemon juice helps to burn extra calories. Hopefully it is obvious that soda pops must be excluded. Anyway many models are okay with it.

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