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Alberto Garcia-Alix.

Alberto Garcia-Alix is a famous Spanish photographer known for his ultimate images of reality. He has been taking pictures professionally since 1976. Garcia-Alix applies to photography to reveal his feelings and emotions, to reveal reality that surrounds him. Some of the most famous portraits taken by Garcia-Alix belong to his acquaintances who died. “His visual speech is composed in accordance with the maps that his life's itinerary has sketched out, maps onto which the photographer sketches his mysterious, emotional and compelling artistic cartography”.

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The Relationships in the Golden Years

If the one considers that the fiery passion and sweet tenderness is not typical of the relationships of the senior citizens he may be in a fallacy. Many of the elderly have the affectionate and caring relationships with their younger partners. This gives them the powerful impulse for living and pushes the senility with the problems of health and depression back. Their beloved can be 15 or 20 years younger of of the same age. The young people are often happy to find an older friend who provides the emotional support and advice.

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